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I'm Claire... a twentysomething home cook and baker originally from a wee town in the east of Scotland, who's decided to chart her kitchen exploits, restaurant reviews and travel tips.    I'm now living in Glasgow - loving city life and sharing my story along the way.  You'll regularly see some Glasgow Living features on here... I hope you find them interesting, either as a local or a visitor to our great city.

I'm self taught and have baked from a young age, with fond memories of helping Granny Margaret stir the mixing bowl, whilst standing on a stool in her kitchen.  I was always assigned the simple tasks and never allowed near the oven...and that was 6 weeks ago. Joking.

Somewhere in the back of my mind, these childhood skills stayed with me and following a bad spell of health early in 2012 I made my way back into baking.  It started simple, some easter nest cakes, to get me up off the sofa and has gone from there.   I keep my colleagues, family and friends fed and entertained. Mr WhatClaireBaked is often the official taster for new bakes.

For fear of an ever expanding waistline, I bake less than I did, so my little piece of the internet is now more about cooking, eating well, eating out, restaurant reviewing and travel features.

I hope you enjoy my life adventures and if you'd like a reliable home cook/baker to test your products, or to review your venue, please just get in touch.  I promise a clear and concise review, completed within the deadline, with good photography along the way.

For now, sit back, have tea, eat cake, make tea, eat more cake, worry about calories... cut another slice, lick fingers and enjoy reading!


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